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Welcome to e-Darussalam

The official portal of the Negara Brunei Darussalam Government.

Services & Information

Titah, Sabda and Speeches

View Titah, Sabda & Official Speeches.

Digital Strategy, Data & Statist​ics​

View government Digital Strategy, data and statistics.​

Religious Affairs

Zakat, halal, converting to Islam.


Scholarships, government education loan, admissions.

Employment & Labour

Government vacancies, recruitment of foreign labour, TAP, SCP.​

Family & Social Welfare

Social cases, marriage, counselling.

Housing, Land & Environment

Utilities, land development, recycling.


Driving license, vehicle license, demerit points system (SIKAP).


Health assessment, Healthcare Information ​and Management System (BruHIMS).​​​


Birth certificate, identification card, visa, passport, ​permits.​​​

Business & Finance

Starting a business, customs, tax.


Constitutional documents, Syariah Penal Order.​

Citizen Engagement

Discussion Forums

Comments and views on E-Darussalam, Talian Darussalam, e-services and more.


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More on E-Darussalam

Government Dir​​ectory

For Ministries, Departments, Embassies & Consulate and private agencies.

A-Z e-Services

List of government online services.​